30 Guests Booking Request

Booking For 30 Guests

Please note that payment confirms booking

Caution Deposit

A sum of N50,000 per apartment shall be deposited with the management as a refundable caution deposit from which cost arising from any damage or missing items in the apartment/facility and/or equipment within the premises caused by the guest will be drawn from. The balance of the deposit will be returned to the guest upon check out. If nothing is damaged or missing however, the total sum of N50,000 would be refunded to the guest upon checkout.

Booking Terms and Policy *

Rules for Get-togethers at The Hampton Hills Apartments

1. Only the agreed number of guests will be granted access into the building. If you exceed the agreed number, incoming guests will be denied access except upgrade to the next package is confirmed with due payment.

2. No big speakers allowed. Only portable/medium-sized speakers are allowed.

3. No smoking indoors.

4. No loitering in common areas

5. No noise pollution. We are situated in a residential estate, and other occupants would appreciate their peace and tranquility.

6. Vehicles with no registration number plates would not be granted access into the Estate.

7. No damage of property would be condoned. Caution deposit will apply where necessary.

8. Decoration is allowed. However, Guests bringing in extra furniture and bogus party props would be charged a check-in fee for such items at the reception before access is granted. (Extra items Check-in fee is N50,000).

We look forward to hosting you as you comply with the above terms. Thank you 🤗

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